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Our Co-op might be one of your favourite stops in the Shuswap whether for the colossal ice cream cones or for the friendly service and selection. We’ve had a century to perfect it!

The Tappen Co-op was incorporated in 1915 and has provided a service to the Tappen area since that time. First organized to give Tappen farmers a local place to purchase goods that were required for daily existence, we continue to serve our neighbours, our community and our visitors.

We’ve changed plenty over the years in an effort to meet the needs of our members and customers. Please stop in to say hello! It’s your Co-op.

We’re happy to have served you these last one hundred years. Here’s to the next century!

Thank you.

Tappen Co-op: Then & Now


Board of Directors

James Wright, Board President

Nick Snoek

Ted Squire

Al Bolen

Aaron Parker

Joan O'Brien

Dave Welch


Groceries, Gas  Bar with Diesel, Post Office, Coffee and Ice Cream Bar, Magazines, Lottery Tickets and much more!


• A large selection of Grocery items are offered, featuring  CO-OP Brand products.
• Full line of Dairy products, as well as CO-OP Brand Eggs,  Cheese and Packaged Meats. Displayed in our 12 Foot Dairy Case.
• 5 “Doors” of Frozen Food Products available in our Frozen  Food Case.
• A tremendous choice of CO-OP Brand Ice Cream Flavours.
• To cater to the Traveling Customers, we also offer an extensive selection of Convenience Items.
• Remember us for all your Seasonal Supplies. We are well  stocked in: Ice, Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Campfire Sticks, Propane, Water Toys, Fire Wood, Fishing Tackle, Snack Foods, Hamburger Patties, Hot Dogs, Marshmallows, Cold drinks

Ice Cream Bar

• Wide selection of Colossal Scoop Flavours.

• Chose of Regular Cones, Waffle Cones or Dish

• Huge selection of Colossal sizes… Teeny Baby Cone through 4 Scoop Waffle

• 22,255 Ice Cream Cones Scooped in July and August 2014!

Gas and Diesel

Regular and Diesel fuel are available at our Self Service two Island Gas Bar, complete with PAY at PUMP.

We also offer a large selection of motor oil, fuel additives, Antifreeze, Brake fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Washer Fluid and Def.

Post Office

Canada Post

Open 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Monday through Friday

 For you Historians out there, here is a list we are compiling of Past Postmasters.

If you could help to update this list click here

Coffee Bar

• Blue Mountain Gourmet Coffee available in Pump Pots. Always Fresh!
• Specialty Coffees available for a single serving.
• Brewed in the Keurig System.
• Selection of specialty Teas.
• Craig’s Bakery Muffins, Pastries and Cookies.
• Roller Grill Hot Dogs and Tornados
• Craig’s Bakery fresh Sandwiches, Wraps and Submarines

Liquor Store

• Featuring local wines, spirits and ice cold beer


1. Bill Rogers 2. blank 3. Alf Robinson 4. Charlie Langslow  5. Jake Bolton (Ted) 6. blank  7. Allan Farrell (Ted maybe) 8. Bill Sanderson (possible) or Jake Martens (Ted) 9. Dick Farrell (Ted) 10. George Sweeten (Ted) 11. blank 12. Blank  13. Geo Mobley 14. C. W. Mobley 15. H Calhoun   16. Jim Carlin 17. John  Fleming (in sleigh) Fleming Lab

Buildings about 12 x 14 Front about 16 feet high. One half pitch.   Windows 4 lite 2’ x 24”,   door is 2’8” or 2” 6”.

Barney Kellogg CPR Operator painted sign Building by C.W.Mobley

This building was on the CPR ground near the old school and church  building.

The original of this photo turned up on the ???? Maki family bible in Gleneden a piece of loal history that would have been lost.            

(Ted) -Ted Dearing

Thank you to Rosemary Wilson for her research

Taken from the Society Minutes

  April 27, 1915  Moved shares be $100.00.

                        Directors: Henry Calhoun- President

                                       C. W. Mobley – Secretary

                                       Wm. Sanderson

                                       Gust Annala

                                       J. A. Carlin

  Name to be Granite Trading Association

May 1, 1915  Calhoun appointed Managing Director     . . . . . . . . . . .

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Mr Smart (boss) and Tappen school kids

Jake Bolton, Mr Smart (boss) Mr Bing (accountant and two young children)

Gertie Mobley (Farrell) going to work at the store with Queenie 1920

Charlie Langslow, Mr Bing (Accountant)

Thank you to Rosemary Wilson for her research

Taken from the Society Minutes:


Jan. 20, 1920 Annual General Meeting.

                   Directors elected: C. W. Mobley, H. Calhoun, R. W. D. Harris, C. H. Brooke,                    J. E. Fleming.

Mar. 1, 1920 To employ a bookkeeper for a period of a least six months to work at least five                    hours a day.

Oct. 1, 1920  Co-op look into housing telephone switchboard. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . .

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The 2nd Store early 30’s

Pictures on this page courtesy

R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum

Thank you to Rosemary Wilson for her research

Taken from the Society Minutes

Jan. 31, 1930 To pay $20.00 to renovate rooms upstairs for the Mackie’s.

Feb. 18,  1930 Annual General Meeting. Directors elected were: Mr. Magee, Tom Sweeten, Mrs. G. Sweeten, Mrs. Woollett, Gust Annala.  Managing Director to be Mr. Magee.

July 11,   1930 Mackie’s to get one week’s holiday each to be taken at different times.  Mrs. Annala’s loan came up and to be repaid in small amounts. . . . . . . . . . . .

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The 2nd store sometime after Sept 7th 1947 this is when the change to Shell Oil

Thank you to Rosemary Wilson for her research

Taken from the Society Minutes

Feb. 14, 1940 We would have to pay $20.00 for 2000 numbered cheques, which seemed excessive since blanks were free.  After four months, Miss Chambers was not measuring up to our anticipations. The Secretary was to write her and see if things could not be quickly improved.

Feb. 28, 1940 Annual General Meeting.  A surplus of $888.81 after transfer of $98.76 to Reserve and $53.99 recovered from Bad Debts transferred to Bad Debts Reserve.  It was recommended that $200.00 be transferred to Reserve for Capital Redemption. . 

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Membership Information

Community Benefits

The retail co-operative in your community is an organization offering both economic and social benefits.  The co-op takes pride in being a business that makes a vital contribution to the well being of your community.

Your  co-operative provides employment for local residents.

Co-ops are good citizens. They pay municipal property taxes and federal income taxes.

Shop at your Co-op were any savings generated by the co-op are returned to members in proportion to their purchases, either as a cash refund or in the form of share equity.

Co-ops develop Community leaders by providing the opportunity to serve the membership as a elected director or delegate.

Co-ops inform their members about co-operatives and the opportunity to ask questions at the annual meetings.

Your co-operative helps in many ways to make your community a good place to live. A Co-op however, is only as effective as the members who support it.

Member Commitment

Being a Co-op member means you own a share of a business in your community.

The benefits you enjoy as a Co-op member will be a direct result of the commitment you make to the organization. There are a number of ways you can get the most out of your membership.

1. Patronize your Co-op through full support of the goods and services it provides.

2. At your Co-op’s annual meeting, participating by, electing directors, amending by-laws, and  approving the overall objectives and policies.

3. Assess the performance of the organization as a whole and communicate your suggestions.

4. Help finance the Co-op over the long term through retaining equity in your  name.

5. Participate in activities planned or sponsored by the Co-op.

6. Promote your Co-op by discussing it with other members and potential members.

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