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Our Store & Gas Bar is OPEN DAILY from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

Coffee Bar & Ice Cream are OPEN from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

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Membership Savings

Enjoy cash back perks from your member share equity, based on what you spend in store.

Gas and Diesel

Our Self Service Gas bar has Diesel, gas and essential fluids to maintain your vehicle.

Liquor Store

Stock up on spirits, find a local wine or take home some ice cold beer and beverages.

Ice Cream Bar

A wide selection of Colossal Scoop Flavours and sizes, served by the bowl or in regular or waffle cones.

Canada Post Office

Open 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday

Seasonal Selections

We are well  stocked in: Ice, Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Campfire Sticks, Propane, Water Toys, Fire Wood, Snack Foods, Hamburger Patties, Hot Dogs, Marshmallows, Cold drinks


Fresh baking, dairy, meat and cheese and a large selection of convenience and grocery items that feature CO-OP Brand products and local suppliers.

Featured Local Suppliers

Here is a taste of some of the local suppliers that we carry on a regular basis.

In Our Community…

We are proud that we are a business that has a positive social and economic impact in our community. At Tappen Coop, we:

  • Provide employment for local residents
  • Support youth to enter the workforce and develop job skills
  • Contribute to the community through business taxes
  • Develop community leaders through elected directors
  • Foster relationships with locals
  • Host, sponsor and participate in local community events
  • Offer a friendly atmosphere as a hub for local connections!


Become a Member!

Being a Co-op member means you own a share of a business in your community!  To get the most out of your membership:

  • Shop here to earn membership savings based on each of your purchases, paid out annually as part of your share equity.
  • Be involved by providing feedback, participating in Annual General Meetings or attending events hosted by us.
  • Help finance the Co-op over the long term by retaining equity in your  name.
  • Tell a friend about the perks!

Simply stop by to fill out a short application form to start saving today!


About Us

Our Co-op Granite Trading Association might be one of your favourite stops in the Shuswap whether for the colossal ice cream cones or for the friendly service and selection. We’ve had over a century to perfect it!

The Tappen Co-op was incorporated in 1915. First organized to give Tappen farmers a local place to purchase goods for our daily needs, we now continue to serve our neighbours, our community and our visitors with a convenient stop for groceries, gas, liquor, mail and more.

We’ve changed plenty over the years to meet needs of our members and customers. Please stop in to say hello, we look forward to seeing you!

Board of Directors

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers for their commitment to being involved in their community in this way!

President – Martin Power
Vice President – Nick Snoek
Secretary – Ann Nadeau
DirectorsBrent Thompson, Kirk Irwin, Alana Mancini, Phil Nadeau


Our History

1. Bill Rogers 2. blank 3. Alf Robinson 4. Charlie Langslow  5. Jake Bolton (Ted) 6. blank  7. Allan Farrell (Ted maybe) 8. Bill Sanderson (possible) or Jake Martens (Ted) 9. Dick Farrell (Ted) 10. George Sweeten (Ted) 11. blank 12. Blank  13. Geo Mobley 14. C. W. Mobley 15. H Calhoun   16. Jim Carlin 17. John  Fleming (in sleigh) Fleming Lab

Buildings about 12 x 14 Front about 16 feet high.

One half pitch. Windows 4 lite 2’ x 24”,   door is 2’8” or 2” 6”.

Barney Kellogg CPR Operator painted sign Building by C.W.Mobley. This building was on the CPR ground near the old school and church  building.

The original of this photo turned up in the Maki family bible in Gleneden. (Ted) -Ted Dearing. Thank you to Rosemary Wilson for her research!

Taken from the Society Minutes April 27, 1915

 Moved shares be $100.00.

    Directors: Henry Calhoun- President, C. W. Mobley – Secretary, Wm. Sanderson, Gust Annala, J. A. Carlin

  Name to be Granite Trading Association



1. Mr Smart (boss) and Tappen school kids 2. Jake Bolton, Mr Smart (boss) Mr Bing (accountant and two young children) 3. Gertie Mobley (Farrell) going to work at the store with Queenie 1920 4. Charlie Langslow, Mr Bing (Accountant)

Excerpts Taken from the Society Minutes:

Jan. 20, 1920 Annual General Meeting.

                   Directors elected: C. W. Mobley, H. Calhoun, R. W. D. Harris, C. H. Brooke,   J. E. Fleming.

Mar. 1, 1920 To employ a bookkeeper for a period of a least six months to work at least five hours a day.

Oct. 1, 1920  Co-op look into housing telephone switchboard.

Thank you to Rosemary Wilson for her research!


The 2nd Store early 30’s

Excerpts Taken from the Society Minutes

Jan. 31, 1930 To pay $20.00 to renovate rooms upstairs for the Mackie’s.

Feb. 18,  1930 Annual General Meeting. Directors elected were: Mr. Magee, Tom Sweeten, Mrs. G. Sweeten, Mrs. Woollett, Gust Annala.  Managing Director to be Mr. Magee.

July 11,   1930 Mackie’s to get one week’s holiday each to be taken at different times.  Mrs. Annala’s loan came up and to be repaid in small amounts. . . . . . . .

Thank you to Rosemary Wilson for her research!

The 2nd store sometime after Sept 7th 1947 this is when the change to Shell Oil

Excerpt Taken from the Society Minutes

Feb. 14, 1940 We would have to pay $20.00 for 2000 numbered cheques, which seemed excessive since blanks were free.  After four months, Miss Chambers was not measuring up to our anticipations. The Secretary was to write her and see if things could not be quickly improved.

Feb. 28, 1940 Annual General Meeting.  A surplus of $888.81 after transfer of $98.76 to Reserve and $53.99 recovered from Bad Debts transferred to Bad Debts Reserve.  It was recommended that $200.00 be transferred to Reserve for Capital Redemption. . 

Thank you to Rosemary Wilson for her research!

Contact Us

General Manager: Rhonda Edison

Tel: (250) 835-4513      Email: gmtappencoop@gmail.com


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